Taking classes at the Startup Institute for marketing this fall I am looking for a way to get plugged into the Boston startup scene.  This is more or less an aggregated list of my initial research, hopefully it will be helpful for you too.  I haven’t looked into meetups yet but I am sure there are plenty that are well worth the time.  After all Boston is considered the academic capital of the world and there is no shortage of intellectual firepower in the city.  Last week was Hubweek and TedX was held in Cambridge and Boston.  There is no shortage of opportunities to learn and grow.  

Boston Inno (@BostInno) provides several newsletters to find out what is going on in the community.  The Boston Inno Beat includes a calendar of weekly startup events.  You can sign up here: http://bostinno.streetwise.co/newsletters/

For a more comprehensive guide check out Boston Tech Guide.  It’s almost an overload of info on the local scene but the site is well designed, the info accessible and extremely helpful – http://bostontechguide.com/

For those of you who may already have a venture going the Venture Cafe seeks to provide a network with other innovators and experts in the field.  You can sign up for Office Hours with different experts here: https://venturecafeboston.gettimely.com/


Twitter follows:

@VentureFizz – “Boston’s digital platform for technology, entrepreneurship and career inspirations”

@BetaBoston – “Your source for Boston innovation news, featuring voices from the start-up, venture, and research communities”

@BOSstartups – “@JayNeely‘s guide to Boston startups. Tweeting events, resources for founders, startup jobs, press requests, & more”

@MassChallenge – “MassChallenge is the most startup-friendly accelerator on the planet. We help entrepreneurs win — no equity taken”

A more complete list from @BostInno can be found here http://bostinno.streetwise.co/2015/11/15/top-twitter-handles-to-follow-in-boston-tech-vcs-startup-founders/


Job Boards:

Mass Challenge:http://masschallenge.org/jobs



Venture Fizz:https://venturefizz.com/jobs




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